Sneak Peek At The New Flow Features of Spring '22 Release

Sneak Peek At the New Flow Features of Spring '22 Release

We are getting closer to the new release of Salesforce. Like the last few releases, there are many great enhancements for flow in this release. Although the official release notes of Spring '22 are not available yet, here is a sneak peek at some of the new flow features that you can expect.

1- Migrate to Flow (Beta)

As it was announced before, Salesforce is introducing a new tool that migrates Workflow Rules to Flows. You will be able to reach this tool from the Workflow Rules in Salesforce setup. It displays all the existing Workflow Rules and you can convert them to Record-Triggered Flows. However, it creates a flow from each Workflow Rule. It means that if you have 10 Workflow Rules, it will create 10 Record-Triggered Flows.

Read this post to learn more about the retirement roadmap of Workflow Rules and Process Builder.

migrate to flow tool

2- Collection Filter Element

There is a new element in the Toolbox. Collection Filter lets you filter down an existing collection into a smaller collection using some criteria or a formula. Thanks to this new element, you don't need to loop through the items in your collection or perform another get records to have a smaller collection. Using this element, you will less likely to hit the limit of number of iterations.

collection filter element

3- Flow Explorer

Flow Explorer is a new tool that lets you find all the flows that run on a specific triggering event. It is a great tool to see all the related flows of a specific object in one screen.

flow trigger explorer

4- Control the Order of Record-Triggered Flows

You can have multiple record-triggered flows for the same object. It is obvious that before save flows run first. However, when you have multiple record-triggered flows with the same type, you cannot be sure about which one will run first. Now, it is possible to set the running order.

In the advanced section of the flow properties, you can set a number (from 1 to 2000) for the Trigger Order. When there are multiple record-triggered flows, system will run them according to the Trigger Order that you defined. Lower Trigger Order runs before the others. If you set the same value, system will run the flows in alphabetical order. In a future release, it will be possible to reorder the flows on the new Flow Explorer tool as well.

This might be one of the best new flow features of the Spring '22 release.

trigger order

5- More Dynamic Form Field Types

With Spring '22 release, it is possible to add Email, Phone, and Picklist fields in Dynamic Forms. You can simply drag and drop the fields onto the screen.

6- Auto-Layout Improvements

As you know, Auto-Layout was in Beta for a long time. In Spring '22 release, it is improved and it becomes generally available. First of all, now it is the default layout option for new flows, but you can still switch to free form layout. Secondly, when you add a subflow, you can open the referencing flow directly from the canvas. Thirdly, you can now connect a path within a loop to the head element of the loop.

7- Shortcuts for Preconfigured Elements

In auto-layout mode, you can use shortcuts to perform actions that you use most often.

shortcuts for actions

8- Use Record Collection to Create Choices

It was already possible to create a record choice set in order to display records as choices. However, it was not possible to use an existing collection of records as choices. Now you can use a record collection to create choices for radio button, picklist field, or checkbox group.

9- Approval Process Can Trigger Flows

Until Spring '22 release, when a field gets updated by an Approval Process, it was not triggering a flow. You had to use a Process Builder in order to trigger the flow. With this new release, field changes made by approval processes can run record-triggered flows. This feature is available in API version 54 or higher. In order to use it, you have to change the API version of your existing flows.

Looks like it will be a great release with many new flow features. There will be a new post once Salesforce releases the official release notes.

You can find more information about Spring '22 release on Unofficialsf.

Here are the key dates for the Spring '22 release.

key dates for spring '22 release

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