The End of Workflow Rules and Process Builder

The End of Workflow Rules and Process Builder

Salesforce announced at Dreamforce that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will be deprecated. It means that Flow will be the future of the automation tools. If you haven't started learning Flows, now is the right time to start learning.

According to the announcement, there will be new migration tools that will help admins to convert existing Workflow Rules and Process Builders into Flows.

Here is the roadmap for these changes.

  • Migrate from Workflow Rules to Flows in Spring '22
  • Migrate from Process Builders to Flows in Summer '22
  • Disable the option to create new Workflow Rules and Process Builder in Winter '23

Even though they will disable the option to create a new Workflow Rule or Process Builder, you will still be able to edit the existing ones.

To sum up, Flow is the future of the automation tools of Salesforce. If you don't know how to build Flows, you are at the right place. You can learn more about Flows from this link.

Here you can watch the official announcement on Salesforce+ (it starts at 24:00).

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