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  • How to Reset the Flow Limits
    Salesforce provides a single application to multiple organizations, which makes it a multi-tenant platform. Therefore, Salesforce enforces limits to make sure that flows don’t take over the shared resources in the multi-tenant environment.
  • Salesforce and WhatsApp Partnership
    Salesforce announced a strategic partnership with WhatsApp at Dreamforce 2022. This partnership will allow Salesforce customers to connect with their customers seamlessly on the WhatsApp Business App through WhatsApp’s Cloud API.
  • How to Use the Collection Filter Element
    Salesforce introduced a new flow element called Collection Filter in the Spring ’22 release. It is available in all the core flow types. Although it is not one of the main elements that you need in every flow, it is a very important one indeed.
  • How to Create a Record Link in Flow
    There are endless things that you can perform using Salesforce Flow. In many cases, you might need to create a link to a record in flow.
  • New Flow Features of Winter ’23 Release
    Winter ’23 release is approaching and it will be in our environments soon. Just like the last few releases, also this new release has many great features for Salesforce Flow.
  • How to Roll Back Records in Screen Flow
    Salesforce introduced a brand new element called Roll Back Records in the Winter ’22 Release. Roll Back Records data element is available only in screen flows. You can use it to roll back a transaction and cancel all its pending record changes.
  • How to Delete Records in Flow
    Unlike the other automation tools like Workflow Rule and Process Builder, there is an option to delete records in Flow. You can use the Delete Records data element to delete one or multiple records in Salesforce.
  • Hard Delete Salesforce Records Using Flow
    Delete operation can be used to delete records from the database, which sends those records to the recycle bin. In some use cases, you may want to hard delete the records so that the users cannot restore them. However, there is no standard way to hard delete records in Salesforce Flow.
  • The Complete Salesforce Lightning Flow Course
    In the last few months, many people asked if I have an online Salesforce Flow course. Therefore, it was the time for me to prepare a Udemy course. I am happy to announce that my course called “Salesforce Lightning Flow Course by the FlowFest Champion” is live on Udemy!
  • How to Set the Audit Fields Using Flow
    Audit fields in Salesforce track information about system values that can be useful for audit purposes. These fields are read only and Salesforce sets the values whenever you create or update a record.