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  • New Flow Features of Summer ’22 Release
    Like the previous few releases, also Summer ’22 release has many great features for flows. Moreover, this release contains a long-awaited feature, which brings excitement to all the admins.
  • Flow Trigger Explorer
    After some point it becomes hard to see the existing record-triggered flows running on the same object. To help you easily view all of your record-triggered flows by the object, Salesforce announced a new tool called Flow Trigger Explorer in the Spring ’22 release.
  • Using Flow to Edit a Record from the Approval Page
    The approval page is where an approver will actually approve or reject a request. It is not possible to edit the record directly from the approval page. However, you can build a screen flow to let them update the record directly from the approval page.
  • Salesforce Changes Legal Name
    Salesforce announced that the company will change its legal name from salesforce.com, inc. to Salesforce, Inc. This name change is effective April 4, 2022. Salesforce common stock shares will continue to trade on the NYSE as CRM and under the same CUSIP/ISIN number.
  • Migrate to Flow Tool (Beta)
    Salesforce announced that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will be deprecated in the near future. Therefore, it is time to start converting your existing workflow rules and Process Builder to flows. For this purpose, Salesforce released a new tool called Migrate to Flow Tool (Beta).
  • Define the Trigger Order of Record-Triggered Flows
    It is obvious that before save flows run before the after save flows. But in some cases you can have multiple flows with the same trigger type (before or after save) and the same start criteria. Or you can have flows without even a start criteria. So, which one will run before?
  • Using Flow to Calculate the Email Open Rate
    Email messages play an important role in Salesforce environments. In some cases it is important to track the email opens. You can use a flow to calculate the email open rate of a specific recipient.
  • Using Flow to Access Picklist Choice Values
    A picklist field in Salesforce lets you choose a value from a predefined list. Choices have two main attributes: Value and API Name. Value is the text that the user sees on the user interface. At the other hand, API Name is the value that is stored in the field.
  • Salesforce to Work on NFT Cloud Service
    During a sales kick off, Salesforce told employees that the company is working on NFT Cloud. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. They are unique digitals assets that stored using blockchain technology.
  • Record-Triggered Flow: Before Save vs After Save
    Record-triggered flow is the only flow type that runs automatically when a record is created, updated, or deleted. Depending on what you want to perform, you can choose the flow to run before or after the record is saved.