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  • How to Use the In and Not In Operators In Flow
    Using the In and Not In operators, you can get related records without using a loop. These operators make the flow use less SOQL queries and DML statements.
  • Using Screen Flow to Create a Public Survey
    It is possible to build a screen flow with some questions and use it as a customer satisfaction survey. Salesforce users can use flows, but how can you make a flow public so that your customers can use it as well?
  • Star Rating Component for Flow Screens
    There are many available standard input components in screen flow. However, in some cases, they may not be enough for your needs. In those cases, you can build or install Lightning components for flow screens.
  • How to Pass Parameters to Flows in Experience Sites
    Just like in Lightning pages, it is possible to add active Screen Flows to pages of Experience sites. This way, you can let the external users run flows.
  • Using Flow to Generate Public URLs for Files
    When you upload a file to Salesforce, it can be viewed internally. However, what if you want to create public URLs and share them outside of Salesforce?
  • Collection Assignment Operators in Flow
    There are many assignment operators that you can use with collection variables. Although “Equals” and “Add” operators are the most common ones, there are many useful collection assignment operators in Salesforce Flow.
  • How to Reset the Flow Limits
    Salesforce provides a single application to multiple organizations, which makes it a multi-tenant platform. Therefore, Salesforce enforces limits to make sure that flows don’t take over the shared resources in the multi-tenant environment.
  • Salesforce and WhatsApp Partnership
    Salesforce announced a strategic partnership with WhatsApp at Dreamforce 2022. This partnership will allow Salesforce customers to connect with their customers seamlessly on the WhatsApp Business App through WhatsApp’s Cloud API.
  • How to Use the Collection Filter Element
    Salesforce introduced a new flow element called Collection Filter in the Spring ’22 release. It is available in all the core flow types. Although it is not one of the main elements that you need in every flow, it is a very important one indeed.
  • How to Create a Record Link in Flow
    There are endless things that you can perform using Salesforce Flow. In many cases, you might need to create a link to a record in flow.