Latest Posts

  • End of Life of Permissions on Profiles
    Salesforce has announced the end of life (EOL) of permissions on profiles. Although it is a very critical decision, it shouldn’t be a big surprise.
  • Using Flow to Make an HTTP Callout without Code
    With the new Flow features of the Spring ’23 release, Salesforce convinced us that Flow is really giving us the powers of developers. Now you can make an HTTP Callout from Flow without any code!
  • Invisible Screen Flows
    Since Screen Flow supports the screen element, it doesn’t run in the background and it can be considered as the only visible flow type. However, should they always be visible?
  • Enhanced Domains in Salesforce
    Enhanced Domains are the current version of My Domain. They provide a more modern and secure version of custom URLs for your Salesforce instance and they meet the latest browser requirements.
  • New Flow Features of Spring ’23 Release
    Spring ’23 release is approaching and it will be in our environments soon. Just like the last few releases, also this release has many exciting features for Salesforce Flow.
  • Using Flow to Delete Multiple Records from a List View
    In order to delete multiple records from a list view, it is possible to build a flow and create a custom button that calls it from a list view. After selecting multiple records and clicking this button, flow will run for the selected records and perform the actions.
  • How to Use the In and Not In Operators In Flow
    Using the In and Not In operators, you can get related records without using a loop. These operators make the flow use less SOQL queries and DML statements.
  • Using Screen Flow to Create a Public Survey
    It is possible to build a screen flow with some questions and use it as a customer satisfaction survey. Salesforce users can use flows, but how can you make a flow public so that your customers can use it as well?
  • Star Rating Component for Flow Screens
    There are many available standard input components in screen flow. However, in some cases, they may not be enough for your needs. In those cases, you can build or install Lightning components for flow screens.
  • How to Pass Parameters to Flows in Experience Sites
    Just like in Lightning pages, it is possible to add active Screen Flows to pages of Experience sites. This way, you can let the external users run flows.