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  • New Flow Features of Summer '24 Release
    The Summer '24 release of Salesforce is coming soon to our environments. Like past releases, it brings exciting features for Salesforce Flow. Check out the new flow features of Summer '24 release.
  • Using Custom Metadata Types in Flow without Get
    Unlike custom labels or custom settings, there is no option to use custom metadata types as a global variable. However, it is possible to use custom metadata types in flow without the Get Records element.
  • Using Flow to Post to Chatter with Attachment
    There are multiple ways to post to Chatter using Salesforce Flow. While these methods lack the ability to attach files, it is still possible to use the out of the box Flow elements to post to Chatter with attachment.
  • Salesforce Announces End of Support for Workflow Rules and Process Builder
    Effective December 31, 2025, Salesforce will stop supporting Workflow Rules and Process Builder. Therefore, you should migrate your automations to Flow Builder by that time.
  • Using Flow to Convert Leads in Salesforce
    In some situations, you may want to automate the process and convert leads automatically. Although there is no standard action to convert leads, you can use custom apex actions.
  • Fully Track CLM in Salesforce from Start to Finish
    Organizations must manage the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process effectively and efficiently to ensure long-term success. An effective management process ensures that all contracts are managed from creation to closing, renewal, or termination.
  • Using Flow to Auto Follow Records
    In Salesforce, users have the option to follow or unfollow records by simply clicking the Follow button on the record's page. If you wish to automate the follow/unfollow process, you can also use custom solutions. Here's a guide on using flow to auto follow records.
  • Using Data Table in Screen Flow to Display Non-Object Data
    Although the Data Table component has some limitations, there are many creative workarounds to achieve what you need to do. One of these limitations is related to using the Data Table to display non-object data.
  • How to Use the Transform Element in Flow
    Salesforce introduced the Transform element in the Winter '24 release. Here is how to use this element.
  • Salesforce and WhatsApp Integration via TimelinesAI
    Salesforce and WhatsApp integration brings significant benefits to businesses. It improves customer management, enhances communication, and consolidates data efficiently.
  • How to Update the Triggering Record in Before Save Record Triggered Flow
    Both the Assignment and Update Records elements can modify the triggering record in a before save record triggered flow. Furthermore, neither of them consumes from the DML limits.
  • Streamline Complex Document Flows for Better Healthcare Experiences
    In this article, you can learn how your healthcare company can streamline Salesforce for Life Sciences and Healthcare. We also introduce you to Titan, a no-code platform that integrates directly into Salesforce for Doc Gen functionality.
  • How and When to Use Loop in Salesforce Flow
    The Loop element iterates through items within a collection variable, allowing you to execute actions for each item in the collection. It is one of the main elements in Salesforce Flow and therefore it is crucial to know how and when to use it.