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  • Passing Record Id to a Flow in the Utility Bar
    One of the standard utility items available is Flow. This allows you to add your active screen flows to the utility bar. However, it is not possible to pass the current record's Id to a flow in the utility bar.
  • Using Flow to Integrate ChatGPT with Salesforce
    Here is how to harness the potential of the HTTP Callout action to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT with Salesforce.
  • A Flow Action That Gets the URL
    There are numerous scenarios in which you might need to obtain the current URL for various purposes. In this post, you can find a flow action that gets the URL.
  • Using Flow to Prevent Record Deletion
    Starting with the Winter '24 release, you can use the new custom error element in before delete record-triggered flows. This way, you can use flow to prevent record deletion.
  • Using Flow to Freeze Users
    There are many cases where you want to prevent users from logging in to the Salesforce environment. In some of these cases, you may not want to deactivate the users, or you cannot deactivate them immediately.
  • Salesforce Backup and Restore
    As businesses increasingly depend on cloud systems, a specialized backup tool becomes vital. Hence, Salesforce introduced a native backup & restore product.
  • How to Use the Collection Sort Element
    It is possible to use the Collection Sort element to reorder the items within a collection by multiple fields.
  • New Flow Features of Winter '24 Release
    The Winter '24 release is approaching, and it will soon be available in our environments. ust like the previous few releases, this release will introduce numerous exciting features for Salesforce Flow. Here are the key highlights.
  • Display Custom Error Messages in Record-Triggered Flows
    Salesforce introduced a new element called Custom Error in the Winter '24 release. This element lets you add custom error messages in record-triggered flows.
  • Refresh Record Page Data Using a Quick Action
    In this post, you can find a component that allows you to create a quick action that refreshes all the data on a record page. It refreshes the current record's data and related lists.