How to Convert Web Traffic Into Leads With Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms

Often your website is the first point of contact a customer will have with your business which is why you must establish a strong online presence. You’ve probably spent time and money investing in your website to make it engaging through an easy-to-use interface and posting engaging content. When you start ranking well on search engines, you will receive more visitor traffic to your website. Visitors will click on and off your website searching through your content multiple times a week. Having high website traffic is great, but how does that translate into value for your business?

By allowing those visitors to exit your website without any interaction, you are potentially losing out on a pre-qualified lead. So how do you go about turning visitors into leads? Implementing Salesforce web-to-lead forms is a great way to capture important information from your visitors and save it directly to your Salesforce CRM. Web-to-lead forms for Salesforce allow you to turn your website into a valuable lead-generation tool. As these leads have already expressed interest in your company by interacting with your website, any data captured by your web-to-lead Salesforce form offers a good opportunity to grow your business.

What is a Lead?

Let’s cover the basics, what is a lead? A lead is any potential customer that has shown an interest in your company’s offering. The lead generation process is essential for your business growth as an effective lead management pipeline can turn leads into paying customers. Leveraging your CRM software’s robust capabilities means that your lead management in Salesforce is a breeze.

Once you have captured your lead’s details you will go through the process of qualifying them. This determines the likelihood of the lead becoming a paying customer. Your qualification criteria can include company size, industry, demographic information, budget, purchasing timeline, and more.

It’s important to nurture your qualified leads to build a relationship and provide the lead with information while guiding them through the sales funnel. The goal is to convert the lead through addressing needs and concerns.

What are Web-to-Lead Forms in Salesforce?

Salesforce web-to-lead forms are online forms that capture your website visitor information and save the information to your Salesforce CRM database as a lead. As mentioned above, these forms are a key component of your lead gen efforts as you can turn your website into a lead generation tool by implementing web-to-lead forms.

What Are the Steps to Setup Web-to-lead Form in Salesforce?

Here is a short guide for you to follow when creating your Salesforce web-to-lead forms. Remember that these steps will differ depending on your specific edition of Salesforce and what kind of information you want to capture with your forms. 

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce web-to-lead form setup. Simply type "web-to-lead" in the Salesforce Quick Find box and select the corresponding result. 
  2. Enable the web-to-lead feature by clicking "Edit" and checking the box. 
  3. Start creating your form. Select the fields you want to include such as name, email, phone, and any custom field. Consider including additional options such as default lead status or the return URL that the visitors will see after submitting the form. 
  4. Generate the HTML code for your form. 
  5. Embed the generated HTML code in your desired web page on your company website and start collecting those leads.

Keep in mind some best practices you should follow when creating your forms.

  • Only include the fields that you need in your forms. It can be tempting to try to get as much information as possible from your visitors to further qualify them, however, it can overwhelm users and cause them to not complete the forms. 
  • Create lead assignment rules to ensure that leads captured are assigned to appropriate team members and followed up on timeously. 
  • Include validation rules in your form to ensure the integrity of your database. 
  • Implement CAPTCHA and other security measures in your forms to protect against spam and automated submissions.

When designing web-to-lead forms, carefully plan their content and implementation. Ensure every detail is thoughtfully considered to achieve your goals effectively. Your forms should be attractive and engaging so users don’t simply click the X button. They should be able to see the benefit of engaging with your company.

The Benefits of Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms

Using Salesforce web forms can offer your business several benefits that can enhance your lead-generation process by turning your website into a lead-generation tool. We’ve summarized a few benefits of using forms for web to lead in Salesforce.

Automating the lead capture process through implementing forms means that the leads are rolling in without your team engaging with the potential leads. The automation process reduces the need for manual data entry which eliminates errors and saves your team time. Teams can focus on following up on the captured leads according to the assignment process.

All your leads are captured in your Salesforce CRM, providing you with a unified view of your lead data. This allows for easy tracking of your leads as you guide them through the sales funnel. 

These forms integrate with Salesforce’s marketing and automation tools to make for streamlined lead nurturing and scoring. You can create workflows to trigger email campaigns, tasks, or follow-up actions to build relationships with your prospects. 

Salesforce web-to-lead forms are an efficient solution for your business to capture and nurture leads directly from your website.

Use Titan to Transform Web Traffic to Salesforce Leads

Using Titan you can transform your web traffic into leads in Salesforce by capturing personal details and preferences in minutes without needing to know any code. Titan is a fully integrated solution, so all your captured Salesforce leads are synced directly to your Salesforce instantly. You also can include a file upload element in your Salesforce lead forms and save it directly to your Salesforce database.  Titan empowers you to create intuitive forms that make it easy for your visitors to provide their information so you can streamline your lead-generation process. Make your web traffic count and try Titan’s web-to-lead forms today!

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