Salesforce To Rename the Architect Certifications

Salesforce to Rename the Architect Certifications

Most of the Architect certifications used to have "Designer" at the end of their titles. After the addition of User Experience Designer certification, Salesforce added a new certification role called Salesforce Designer role. Therefore, they have decided to rename the existing Architect certifications. The reason is just to better distinguish between Salesforce Architects and Designers.

You can see all of the role based certifications on Trailhead.

If you hold any of the certifications below, you probably got an email from Salesforce about their decision to rename them and their new names and logos. This is a change that does not affect the certification holders. So, if you have any of them, don't worry, it is just a name change and your certifications are still valid.

Here are the Architect certifications with their new names.

  • Data Architecture and Management Designer → Data Architect
  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer → Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect
  • Identity and Access Management Designer → Identity and Access Management Architect
  • Integration Architecture Designer → Integration Architect
  • Sharing and Visibility Designer → Sharing and Visibility Architect
  • Heroku Architecture Designer → Heroku Architect

Here is the updated Technical Architect Journey Pyramid.

Salesforce Architect Journey certification path suggesting certifications for certain specializations and two domain architecture certifications: Application Architect and System Architect.

You can read this page on Trailhead to learn more about the architect certifications.

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