Field Inspection App by SharinPix: Stay Connected with Your Workforce

Field Inspection App By Sharinpix

SharinPix customers use SharinPix components to streamline field inspections. These inspections include post-installation assessments and processing insurance claims for damaged properties. After examining these use cases closely, SharinPix aimed to enhance communication and streamline information gathering in the field. This includes both written and photographic data. The new SharinPix Field Inspection App represents a significant milestone in this endeavor. This app, designed exclusively for field inspections, seamlessly bridges back-office personnel with field operatives.

Key Components of the Field Inspection App

It is possible to break down the components of the Field Inspection App into three main functions: engagement, guidance, and completion actions.

Some of your contractors may not have access to your Salesforce environment. In these situations, it requires extra effort and consumes time for your dispatchers. Since your contractors are not using Salesforce, dispatchers must leave Salesforce to contact these contractors via external channels such as email or SMS. Usually, all communication with external contractors occur outside of Salesforce. Moreover, you should manually upload the documents and photos that they provide from the field.

The Field Inspection App from SharinPix allows you to directly engage your contractors from Salesforce. It is possible to engage with them through SMS, WhatsApp, or their agenda. You simply assign the contractor the new job as a contact. After the assignment, the contractor receives a message on their mobile device with job details like appointment time and location. They can then respond with "yes" to accept the job.

Field Inspection App

SharinPix Field Inspection App Capabilities

On the job date, the contractor will receive an SMS containing their instructions about the job. The contractor will navigate the message by responding to the prompts. Eventually, they will receive links to perform job site actions.

Let's take the hospitality industry as an example. When tasked with cleaning a hotel room, staff members can use this app to document the condition of the room before they begin their cleaning process. They may be asked to take "before" photos of various areas within the room. For example, the bed linens, bathroom surfaces, and any visible stains or clutter. These images serve as a visual record of the room's initial state, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the cleaning process.

SMS from Field Inspection App

During this step, the contractor can utilize additional SharinPix features within the Field Inspection App. For instance, they might add remarks to a floor plan, include sketches in a photo, or even capture aerial views.

The contractor may also encounter a prompt in their text instructions to gather end-of-job details using an interactive PDF form. It is possible to access this form via a link from the SMS. The form enables the contractor to collect different information. This includes progress summaries, checkboxes, additional "after" photos directly within the form, and even obtaining a customer signature.

Enhanced dynamic forms with expanded capabilities are offered as an upgrade to the standard package of the SharinPix Field Inspection App.

Interactive PDF

AI Capabilities

Following job completion, dispatchers automatically receive a comprehensive report generated by the Inspection AI. This report includes detailed job notes along with all field photos and information.

On the other hand, it is possible to use these AI capabilities for other purposes as well. For instance, you can detect potential errors and assign follow-up actions. This might include a second visit to verify functionalities at the job location some time after installation.

Possible Use Cases

Similar to the Images App by SharinPix, the Field Inspection App extends its potential beyond inspectors. Globally, this package facilitates communication between back-office and field personnel. It's beneficial for sales, government, agriculture, and various other sectors.

Although the features above are beneficial for construction and contracting, they can also improve efficiencies in other industries. Communication tools and aerial views appeal to sectors like solar panel installation, roofing, landscaping, excavation, and community development.

Field Inspection App is already on AppExchange. Click here to learn more about this great app.

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