Salesforce Connects Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Salesforce Connects Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Salesforce announced new Einstein GPT and Data Cloud (Genie) capabilities for Flow, its portfolio of automation tools.

Using Flow with Data Cloud, companies can collect and unify all customer data into a single, real-time profile, and use it to trigger actions and automate complex workflows. For example, if a customer abandons their shopping cart, a marketing automation system can automatically send them a personalized discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Einstein GPT

To begin with, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool powered by AI technology. It was launched by OpenAI in November 2022.

At TrailblazerDX '23, Salesforce announced Einstein GPT, which builds on the ChatGPT technology. Einstein GPT combines public and private AI models with CRM data. Users can ask natural-language prompts within Salesforce CRM and receive AI-generated content that adapts to changing customer information and needs, saving time.

Einstein GPT is always learning from user input. As Salesforce builds the initial model, they will train Einstein GPT based on user input. Therefore, this allows Einstein GPT to learn and adhere to best practices.

Perspective of Salesforce

John Kucera, SVP of Automation at Salesforce, says that Flow helps customers automate complex business processes across any system. Currently, Flow delivers 1 trillion monthly automations, saving customers 109 billion hours every month.

By adding Einstein GPT and Data Cloud capabilities to Flow, Salesforce aims to enhance usability and provide customers with advanced tools for greater productivity, efficiency, and growth. This, in turn, democratizes enterprise AI and makes it accessible to everyone.

Einstein GPT for Flow

Einstein GPT for Flow in Action

Einstein GPT simplifies building AI-powered automation in Flow for business users and admins. It improves usability, accessibility, and speed.

Instead of manually building each flow step by step, users can describe the flow they want to build. Then they can see it created for them in near real-time. Moreover, users can describe a formula they want, and Einstein GPT will build it automatically. This reduces the risk of mistakes in formula syntax.

Furthermore, users can improve their searchability by describing the function they need, and Einstein GPT will automatically insert the correct flow, eliminating the need to search for sub-flows and invocable actions.

Data Cloud for Flow in Action

Data Cloud in Flow helps companies personalize every experience and make it feel interconnected.

For instance, marketers can use automation powered by real-time telemetry data to optimize the retail experience by offering in-store discounts at the right moment. Similarly, commerce professionals can use real-time data to adjust prices based on real-time demand and supply, as well as update inventory levels and availability information.

Financial service companies can use real-time data to prevent fraud by flagging suspicious transactions based on unusual patterns. In addition, manufacturing companies can optimize production processes by monitoring machine performance in real-time to trigger automated maintenance requests.

Jake Wachman, VP Digital at Sunnova, believes that Salesforce automation has transformed how they commission energy solutions for their customers. They use technology to quickly take pictures of energy production and sign up for rewards without help. Therefore, they can save almost four hours of work every day. Consequently, this helps to improve their operational efficiency and ultimately ensures system production for their customers.

Salesforce Success Ecosystem

Salesforce's Success Ecosystem uses generative AI and data offerings with specialized expertise to help businesses become more productive and grow.

The Success Ecosystem includes new Data Cloud partner apps and experts from companies. They include Apisero, Atrium, DeciZone, Infosys, Persistent, smrtr, and Wipro. These partners provide pre-built apps and consulting expertise to help companies improve their real-time data strategy by enriching customer profiles and activating data across audiences at scale.

Additionally, Salesforce Professional Services now offers a new strategic planning service for Einstein GPT and Data Cloud. This helps customers use AI, data, and CRM to accelerate time to value.

Einstein GPT for Flow - Demo

Beta Release

Salesforce is developing two integrations that will enter early beta testing in June 2023. Then, a broader public release will follow next year. The company will soon announce dates for the pilot program. Moreover, they noted that they want their customers to be able to access this widely.

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