Salesforce Integration User License

Salesforce Integration User License

Integration User is a special Salesforce user that is for 3rd party integrations. For instance, marketing automation, CTIs, data enrichment tools, and custom API development. These users usually have a custom Profile and Permission Set, and not for human use. Integration Users are particularly crucial for these tools because they can update a large volume of records daily, often numbering in the thousands or tens of thousands. Assigning a specific user to each integration limits their access to a distinct set of data. This approach provides better control and visibility over each API. However, purchasing licenses for multiple APIs and integrations can be too expensive. After having this issue for a long time, Salesforce finally announced the Salesforce Integration User License during True to the Core at TrailblazerDX 2023.

The Salesforce Integration User License provides access to Salesforce data and features exclusively through an API. Consequently, organizations with multiple integrations can implement the best practice of assigning one user per integration by utilizing this license. Moreover, from March 14, 2023, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited edition orgs will get five Salesforce Integration User Licenses for free. Any additional licenses will incur a fee of $10 each.

Salesforce Integration User License

How to Use the License

To dedicate a user to an integration, assign them the Salesforce Integration User License. Then, ensure that the API is enabled and limit the user's interaction with Salesforce to the API by assigning the API Only profile. Use the Salesforce Integration API permission set license to extend or restrict specific user and object permissions. The intended use of this license is for system-to-system integrations only. Human users cannot use it to access Salesforce data or features through any user interface.

Salesforce API Only System Integrations Profile

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