Salesforce and AWS to Extend Alliance With Two-Way Integration

Salesforce and AWS to Extend Alliance With Two-Way Integration

Since Salesforce and AWS were deemed to be the best cloud companies in the last couple years, they managed to form an alliance of mutual interest. It was announced today that a cross-platform integration would be in the works, assisting data availability and helping employees utilize the app-building capabilities.

The EVP and General manager for platform at Salesforce, Patrick Stokes, stated that the two cloud giants have previously shared an alliance of mutual interest, providing a pipeline between the two platforms for secure data sharing. Over time, customers asked whether they too, could benefit from the partnership.

Stokes stated that the early stages of the alliance have proved to be extremely fruitful, as both companies were able to grow by sharing methods and learning from each other. The customers they shared also provided plenty of useful information of how their partnership could be useful. The product listing of Salesforce, as well as Amazon, were studied and solutions were made that ended up complementing each other very well. The shared vision made the companies come together and combine forces effectively.

The features invented by the partnership included assisting developers from either platform to virtualize Amazon data into Salesforce without needing to code the process from scratch. Developers working on application-building on the Amazon platform will now freely browse Salesforce data. This will include building a virtual pipeline where the different formats of data in both platforms could easily be converted and shared through.

Event-sharing is also a very important tool that both platforms could share knowledge of, providing microservice-based applications for both platforms. This will be accomplished by making a ready to use connector that will let you easily select the events you are interested in simply by clicking and dragging them into your schedule.

Also, a significant result of the alliance is the development of Amazon Chime, a communication tool, which Salesforce could then further develop into a Service cloud, while other salesforce services build various tools such as virtual call centers using AWS technology.

Rachel Thorton, Amazon’s Vice President of global marketing, says that the alliance will dramatically make life easier for the developers on both platforms, since they can now easily create solutions based off each other’s knowledge. Business opportunities could be decided faster, and the overall efficiency will increase, increasing customer experiences.

Beta testing is expected to begin later this year, and for now remains in a development stage. GA is expected to take place sometime in 2022, and the two giants will post detailed updates of the partnership, in upcoming conferences and events.

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