Grand Reopening of Salesforce Tower San Francisco

Grand Reopening of Salesforce Tower San Francisco

Today Salesforce announced the reopening of its largest branch, where they have the most presence, along with the subbranch in Irvine, California. This was made possible by following safety as its main concept and boosting, Salesforce can now facilitate 100 fully vaccinated task members at the newly reopened offices. These vaccinated employees are participants in the company’s Volunteer Vaccinated Cohorts.

As the situation is constantly changing around the world based on COVID-19 news, Salesforce will maintain the success of this program, evaluate, and make sure future efforts of its reopening strategy are followed.

Here, you can take a glimpse into what Salesforce staff posted about on social media, on their first day back in a while. The changes were felt, new health and safety protocols were introduced, redesigned furniture layouts to maintain social distancing, and more.

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