Streamline Complex Document Flows for Better Healthcare Experiences

Streamline Complex Document Flows for Better Healthcare Experiences

To improve customer service and enhance experiences for clients and patients, start by rethinking document flows in Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences.

As Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform, you are probably using it for managing patient and client data. Although Salesforce Life Sciences is a premium product, you might not be making the most of the platform.

In this article, you can learn how your healthcare company can streamline Salesforce for Life Sciences and Healthcare. We also introduce you to Titan, a no-code platform that integrates directly into Salesforce for Doc Gen functionality. Titan can eliminate your manual document processes and reduce your administration time down to minutes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The Challenge of Complex Document Flows in Healthcare

Document flows can get complicated in the healthcare industry. Many healthcare providers are originally confronted with manual processes that include mountains of paperwork.

Here is one use case. See if you can relate to this scenario every time you have to make a document.

A local clinic needed every patient to fill out and sign a consent form before receiving any treatment. It was a legal requirement, and there was no way that the clinic could administer a medical procedure without it. Additionally, the consent form consisted of private patient information, so they also needed a way to keep these documents secure. The organization stores its patient data in Salesforce but does not have a solution to create Salesforce docs.

As you can imagine, without Salesforce documents, the clinic had a very manual document flow for consent forms. The process starts with the clinic making the documents. It must include the procedure the patient will participate in. Plus, the risks that might occur from the treatment. Then the patient needs to fill out and sign the consent form. Then, the details should be transfered to a digital platform. Now, the documents need to be securely filed and archived as they have private patient information.

Document flows don’t have to be this difficult and labor-intensive. If your team is struggling with finding time to focus on patient care, upgrading flows to digital processes with document generation in healthcare will definitely reduce the time your employees spend on creating documents, manually entering data, and transferring patient details across systems.

Salesforce Health Cloud: Convenient Patient Experiences

One way to optimize your document flows and manage your patient data is with Health Cloud from Salesforce. It’s a cloud-based platform that can empower you to focus on better patient experiences as your manual document flows are automated. Here are a few Salesforce Health Cloud features that amplify patient interactions.

360° Degree Patient-Focused Features
  • Health Cloud lets all your employees view patient data for better collaboration in document flows. This transparency makes for faster and more accurate decision-making regarding treatments.
  • The Salesforce Health Cloud data model gives your employees a 360° view of patient data. This makes it possible to get a full healthcare report immediately.
  • Your patient data is protected by Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield. Therefore, you can comply with regulations that concern PHI data protection. This feature is great for Salesforce Health Cloud and HIPAA solutions.
Display a Patient’s Events

Another way to make your patient experience more convenient is with a Salesforce patient portal. You can use it to welcome patients onto a secure platform to access and edit health information easily.

Healthcare providers can use this example of a digital health system with a Salesforce patient portal to communicate directly with patients. This is essential when booking appointments.

Customize the Timeline View

You can customize your Salesforce Timeline View feature in Salesforce Lightning to view patient interactions and activities in chronological order. By organizing the timeline view in a manner that is easy to understand, healthcare providers can plan better treatments for patients. This elevates the customer experience.

Tailored Patient Card Data

Did you know that you can modify patient card data in Salesforce? To effectively update a patient’s data card, you will need to edit custom Salesforce objects, fields, and the page layouts. The choices you make within Salesforce will depend on the unique requirements of your company.

Edit Patient Data and Decide How It Displays

So, we can customize patient cards in Salesforce, but how do we display vital patient data? We suggest you start by inspecting your data model and Salesforce objects.

Once you have completed this task, you can select the patient data you want to monitor regularly. Then, go ahead and create custom Salesforce objects that will display your patient’s name, their appointment times, and even their medical history to assist with reliable treatments.

Patient-Centric Salesforce Document Generation

Although Salesforce is the best CRM platform for managing customer data, it does not have an automated document generation solution. Document generation in Salesforce is an extremely useful feature since it will eliminate errors usually found in manual methods.

Nobody wants to find errors in their medical records. Therefore, we suggest connecting with a third-party app that can give you document generation in Salesforce.

If you are in the market for a no-code platform for document generation with Salesforce, you should check out Titan Docs. This app provides point-and-click Salesforce Doc Gen tools to automate any document process you want!

Healthcare Forms for Salesforce

Document Generation in Salesforce Simplifies Healthcare Document Flows

Document flows don’t need to be complex in Salesforce. Titan Docs empowers you to automate Salesforce document processes seamlessly using a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. Start the creation process by making a document with Titan Docs.

As Titan Docs integrates directly with your CRM platform with bi-directional flows, you instantly get access to your Salesforce docs.

Before distributing your forms to patients, the last step is simply generating your documents in Salesforce. You can achieve this with powerful automation tools of Titan Docs.

Do you want other essential examples to speed up or optimize document processes?

Simplifying Processes with Document Templates

Healthcare providers need custom Salesforce document templates. Creating documents in Salesforce from scratch every time leaves room for errors.

Documents that need to follow regulatory standards must be correct every single time. Therefore, using Salesforce document generation is a good way to create accurate templates for your patient records and treatment plans.

Automated Document Creation

Many healthcare employees use Titan Docs and Salesforce to create documents automatically. Titan can speed up your document generation processes by pulling patient data from Salesforce objects. The data is then injected into your Salesforce documents.

All you have to do is review your Salesforce Doc Gen and then click a button to create your document.

With the automatic creation of documents, you remove any risks that could occur from copy-pasting data. Moreover, you will always have the most current details.

Visualizing Your Automation with Salesforce Flow

Salesforce Flow gives us great automation capabilities for working with complex document processes. By using Salesforce Flow, you can easily view your automation with flow diagrams.

Wrapping Up Optimizing Complex Document Flows for Better Healthcare Experiences

Thanks for reading our article on document flows in the healthcare industry. We covered topics like template-based document generation and how you can use Salesforce CRM document generation software, like Titan Docs, for your Salesforce health and life sciences solutions.

We hope we have inspired you to make the most out of your document generation capabilities to elevate patient care and create the best healthcare experiences that you can for clients.

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