Salesforce Backup and Restore

Salesforce Backup and Restore

Nearly two years post its announcement at Dreamforce '21, Salesforce's Backup and Restore product is now generally accessible. As businesses increasingly depend on cloud systems, a specialized backup tool becomes vital. Hence, Salesforce introduced a native backup and restore product.

Over time, the significance of Salesforce backup products becomes more pronounced. Businesses now heavily rely on Salesforce as a central hub. Any downtime could lead to serious disruptions, highlighting the critical need for dependable backup solutions.

Even though cyberattacks are growing and causing expensive data breaches, backup is vital for more than just hackers. Mistakes, automation, or bad data can also cause data loss in Salesforce. Therefore, backup plays a central role in a robust DevOps workflow. With rapid updates in continuous integration, having data and metadata backups is crucial to restore previous states. This is why Salesforce has introduced its own native Backup and Restore product.

About Salesforce Backup and Restore

Salesforce's latest backup solution, Backup and Restore, became generally available. It offers robust features within a user-friendly interface, all natively integrated into the Salesforce platform. The aim is to aid customers in swiftly recovering from data loss caused by system failures, human mistakes, and cyberattacks with effortless clicks.

Here are some of the generally available backup features.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Point-and-click UI accelerates data selection and restoration.
  • Comprehensive Logging: Logs facilitate validation and auditing of user actions and policy execution.
  • Data Export: Users can download their backed-up data at the object level.
  • Consistent Automated Backups: Data is safeguarded through user-controlled policies, reducing the risk of loss.
  • Seamless Recovery: Easy restoration process ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.
  • Enhanced Security: Data is encrypted during storage and transmission, bolstering protection.
  • Inherent Control: Sensitive data remains within Salesforce infrastructure, preserving trust boundaries.
Salesforce Backup and Restore


Although there are some famous Salesforce backup solutions available on AppExchange, some companies prefer a native solution. Therefore, Salesforce has taken the initiative to develop its own native solution in direct response to the growing preferences of customers seeking a seamless native option. This new solution provides user-friendly protection against various threats, which is a must have in the age of AI.

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