The Complete Salesforce Lightning Flow Course

The Complete Salesforce Lightning Flow Course

In the last few months, many people asked if I have an online Salesforce Flow course. Therefore, it was the time for me to prepare a Udemy course. I am happy to announce that my course called "Salesforce Lightning Flow Course by the FlowFest Champion" is live on Udemy! You can click on this link or use the coupon code "SFTIME2022" to get a discount.

Flow course on Udemy

Here is the curriculum.

1- Introduction

  • About the Instructor
  • Salesforce Flow
  • How to Create a New Flow
  • Main Flow Types
  • Quiz

2- Flow Builder

  • Introduction to Flow Builder
  • Layout Types
  • Flow Toolbox
  • Flow Resources
  • Global Variables
  • Flow Resource Examples
  • Flow Elements
  • Exception Handling and Fault Connector
  • How to Send Emails and Notifications
  • Quiz

3- Working with Collections

  • Collection Variables
  • Working with Loops
  • Collection and Loop Examples
  • Quiz

4- Flow Types

  • Introduction to Flow Types and Templates
  • Screen Flow
  • Pause Flow Interviews
  • Screen Flow Examples
  • Dice Roll Game Built with Screen Flow
  • Record-Triggered Flow
  • Before Save Record-Triggered Flow
  • After Save Record-Triggered Flow
  • Before Save Record-Triggered Flow Examples
  • After Save Record-Triggered Flow Examples
  • Trigger Order
  • Autolaunched Flow
  • Autolaunched Flow Examples
  • Schedule-Triggered Flow
  • Schedule-Triggered Flow Examples
  • Platform Event-Triggered Flow
  • Quiz

5- After Building a Flow

  • How to Debug a Flow
  • Paused and Failed Flow Interviews
  • Flow Trigger Explorer
  • Migrate to Flow Tool
  • Login Flow
  • Quiz

6- Best Practices

  • Best Practices

7- Thank You

  • Thank You

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