Salesforce To Collaborate With Disney Studios Content

Salesforce To Collaborate With Walt Disney
  • Innovation Partnership between Salesforce and Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB.
  • Walt Disney established StudioLAB to overcome the challenges of production and create new ways to advance storytelling. This uses advanced technology to run analysis tools.

In efforts to support Disney marketers using Salesforce, a five-year innovation partnership contract was signed on 5th of May between Salesforce and Disney Studios.

Since branding Salesforce a StudioLAB Innovation Partner, the companies will discover fresh approaches to use the tools and improve the rate of production. These steps will help support content creators from the preliminary concepts to post-production and marketing.

Salesforce Customer 360 is also another valuable platform for the Disney creators, which has various tools such as industry-leading apps for sales, service, marketing and commerce. The partnership will have the opportunity to reimagine the product early on by:

  1. Creating workflows to help manage the production digitally and marketing content created by Disney exclusively.
  2. Exploring executive options by providing a live view of the performance of media properties.
  3. Placing mobile technologies and prioritizing them to help studio staff notice the changes fast, and work together at any place any time.

Sarah Franklin, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Salesforce, has said that Disney’s leadership has moved generations with brilliant captivating storytelling and creative experiences.  “At Salesforce, we’ve worked to create similar magic with our brand, events and global community of Trailblazers. We are thrilled at the opportunity to help StudioLAB and their efforts to support Disney advance their storytelling with our technology.”

“Salesforce’s platform gives us the ability to accelerate and better coordinate the production process,” said Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer of Disney Studios Content. “With Salesforce as our Innovation Partner we can equip our marketers and storytellers with world-class technology to better deliver against the incredible slate of content we have planned for streaming and theatrical audiences.”

Additional Information

To learn more about The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB, visit here.

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